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How to Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Unfortunately, the possibility of sustaining a sports-related injury shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. In fact, some of the most common sports injuries are tooth and mouth related. Proactively taking steps to protect your teeth in sports is the best way to reduce your risk of injury, and a high dental bill. Our dentists in Highland Park have a few safety tips to help you avoid serious dental disasters.


If you’re participating in a high impact or fast-paced sport, such as skating, hockey, biking, or football, wearing a helmet plays a critical role in the protection of your head and mouth. When fitted properly, helmets can significantly reduce your chance of becoming seriously injured.

Mouth Guards

When it comes to the protection of your teeth, mouth guards are undoubtedly the most important pieces of safety equipment available. Mouth guards can help you avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage, and tooth loss. There are multiple kinds of mouth guards to choose from, but we recommend having a custom-fit mouth protector made by your dentist in Highland Park. Specially fitted mouth guards offer comprehensive protection and provide the most overall comfort for your mouth.

See your dentist in Highland Park immediately

Although wearing protective gear does significantly reduce the chance of tooth trauma, accidents still happen. If you find yourself in a dental emergency, remember that time is of the essence. Even a knocked-out tooth can be saved if you get to your dentist quickly enough. Don’t finish the game before seeking treatment. Head to your dentist in Highland Park as soon as possible.

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