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Digital X-Rays

Digital Dental Radiography – The Future of Dental Imaging

Digital dental radiographs (digital X-rays) offer better detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of oral diseases and conditions, allowing dental professionals to provide better treatment options. Because digital radiography uses digital sensors and PSP (photostimulable phosphor) plates that are extremely sensitive to X-radiation, this type of radiography requires 50 to 80 percent less radiation than film.

Three different methods are used to acquire digital dental images. These are the semi-indirect method, the indirect method, and the direct method. The semi-indirect technique uses a combination of a scanner and a sensor to convert dental X-rays into digital film, the indirect technique is used to view traditional dental X-rays as digital images, and the direct technique requires an electronic sensor to be placed in the mouth to record images.

Intraoral and Extraoral X-rays

Digital dental X-rays are either taken from outside (extraoral) or inside (intraoral) the mouth. Intraoral radiographs, the most common method, provide greatly detailed images and are used to check the status of developing teeth, detect cavities, and monitor bone and tooth health.

While extraoral images don’t offer as much detail, they are used to monitor jaw growth and development, detect impacted teeth, and identify potential problems between teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), or other facial bones.

The Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays

In addition to using considerably less radiation, digital radiographs provide images that reveal small areas of hidden decay between teeth or below existing restorations, gum disease and bone infections, cysts, abscesses, developmental abnormalities, and tumors that can’t be detected with a visual dental exam. Early detection allows early treatment which saves time, money, and discomfort.

Digital radiographs can also be viewed instantly from any computer screen and transmitted easily to other dental specialists without losing detail or quality. It’s also possible to enhance detail, colorize, flip, and zoom images, assisting in detection and interpretation. Digital dental images are also easy to store in electronic patient records, making them simple to send to consultants, referring dentists, and insurance companies – reducing treatment disruption and leading to faster reimbursements.

Lastly, although not done routinely, digital radiographs are safe for pregnant women to have (up to four per visit) – meaning pregnant women don’t need to be concerned if they have to have an X-ray taken during a dental emergency.

Highland Park Family Dentistry

We are happy to offer digital X-ray technology at our Highland Park family dentistry practice to help ensure you are receiving the finest state-of-the-art dental care available. If you’re due for your semi-annual dental checkup, give us a call or request an appointment online. Remember, early detection means less complicated, less expensive treatment options. Call today.

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