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Reasons For An Emergency Visit

If you have consistent pain in your teeth, gums, or jaw, it might be time to seek professional advice and treatment from an emergency dentist in Mundelein. Don’t wait until your next cleaning appointment—if the pain persists, contact us. Here are some emergency signs that mean you should visit your dentist immediately.


Broken Or Knocked Out Tooth

If you have a broken or knocked out tooth, it can be extremely painful and if you don’t get treatment right away, you may not be able to fix that tooth. Delaying a dentist appointment could mean a more invasive and expensive procedure in the future.


Missing Crown

If a crown or filling becomes loose in your mouth, don’t ignore it. It’s best to get them replaced right away to keep from having a longer procedure—such as a root canal treatment—due to infection. You’ll know if your crown is loose because you’ll have a strange taste in your mouth and you may be able to feel a difference.


Unexplained Consistent Tooth Pain

If your mouth aches or even the air bothers a tooth, it’s possible you bit down wrong, or bit into something hard enough to hurt your tooth. Unexpected tooth pain can be miserable and force you to avoid your daily routine. Make an appointment sooner rather than later so your dentist can find the true source of your pain and treat it.


Swollen Jaw

Swelling in your jaw can be from an infection in your mouth that a dentist is able to treat. If you notice swelling, it’s best to call us for an appointment because you don’t want to be in constant pain. 


Contact your emergency dentist in Mundelein if you notice any of the above situations happen to you. We will make sure to treat you in a professional manner so you can get back to your normal routine fast.

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