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Seeking Relief For Sinus Pressure and Tooth Pain

With temperatures creeping into the 40s and 50s this month, it’s clear that Spring is right around the corner. This subtle change is just enough to cause significant pressure changes in our atmosphere and signals to plant life that it’s time to start growing again.

Unfortunately, these changes also come with unwanted side effects for humans: sinus pressure and infections. For many, this can include head, nasal, and throat congestion, but in some cases, it can even cause tooth pain.

If you’re worried about whether your tooth pain might be related to a current sinus infection you’re experiencing, rest assured that our experts are here to offer some answers and relief.

What Causes A Sinus Infection In The Spring?

Several factors contribute to a sinus infection. Most sinus infections that occur in the Winter months are due to viruses or bacterial infections that clog our respiratory tract. In the Spring, however, it’s also possible for allergens to trigger a sinus infection.

Mold, pollen, and other particulate matter frequent the air as temperatures warm up and plants are no longer dormant. If enough of these particles enter our airways they can cause significant sinus pressure in our airways, head, ears, and mouth.

Chronic Toothaches Occurring Alongside Sinus Infections

How Are My Sinus Infection and My Tooth Pain Connected?

While our nose and throat are directly connected to our sinuses, the location of our body’s sinus cavities consists of pockets near our foreheads, cheekbones, and eye sockets. When those pockets fill up with fluid due to an infection, it can be quite painful and disorienting, in addition to causing several other uncomfortable symptoms. Due to the location of our sinuses being so close to the teeth and gum line, excess sinus pressure can reach this area as well.

While your tooth pain can be from another underlying cause, there are several key symptoms that indicate a sinus infection is to blame. If you’re dealing with sinus pressure and tooth pain, you’re likely experiencing:

  • Tenderness around your eyes, nose, or cheekbones
  • Pain in one or several of your upper molars

In addition to these symptoms, it’s also possible for you to be experiencing the following:

  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Fatigue
  • Nasal congestion and drainage
  • Thick, Yellow-Colored Mucus
  • Ear Pain

Like any other illness, resting and staying hydrated will be key factors in recovering from a sinus infection. Because this pressure involves different parts of your head, too much movement can increase sinus discomfort and tooth pain.

Relieving My Sinuses & Toothache

There are numerous over-the-counter decongestants and antibiotics you can take to clear up your sinus infection. When it comes to the tooth pain you’re experiencing, however, these medications might not offer the short-term relief you’re looking for. Our experts have gathered a few additional steps you can take to ease sinus pressure surrounding your teeth:

Hot and Cold Compresses – Place on the cheek closest to where you’re experiencing tooth pain. This should begin to ease or decrease the pressure you’re feeling in this area.

Saltwater Rinsing – Warm salt water helps kill viruses, bacteria, and other sources of irritation in your mouth and throat. Swishing this solution in your mouth will not only help reduce pain from a sinus infection but also kills some of the bacteria, viruses, or allergens causing irritation in this area.

Sinus Flushing WIth A Nasal Irrigation System – One great way to reduce a viral or bacterial load in your sinuses is to regularly flush the area with a Neti-Pot or other type of nasal irrigation system.

The force behind the distilled water from this device will not only push out excess mucus but also offer temporary pressure relief for your sinuses. You must follow the Neti-Pot’s instructions carefully and use all materials as instructed to avoid further infection in your upper respiratory tract.

Schedule Your Routine Dental Appointment With Us

North Suburban Dental has a team of specialists who are always ready to help you with your dental problems. Sometimes, infections in your sinuses and tooth pain cause each other rather than act as a symptom. If you’re concerned by chronic toothaches occurring alongside sinus infections, please schedule an appointment to see us as soon as possible.

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