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Setting Your Child Up For a Lifetime of Smiles

Sometimes it’s hard to get your kids on board with the habits you know will help them in the long run. Dental hygiene may be one of these areas, but the truth is setting healthy routines in place early makes a big difference down the line! To continue our celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month, we’ll be exploring appropriate forms of oral care for kids of all ages.

Before Teeth Come In

Good oral hygiene begins even before your child has acquired any primary teeth. Between feedings, we suggest gently running a fresh, damp washcloth over their gums. Teeth will begin to appear around six to twelve months of age. When your child’s first tooth appears, schedule them an appointment with a pediatric dentist. Begin brushing with an infant toothbrush, water, and a small amount of toothpaste, taking steps to minimize the amount swallowed.

Practicing Oral Hygiene With Kids

By the age of three, your child will have most if not all of their primary teeth. Children should be getting into the habit of brushing twice daily and flossing regularly. Depending on the individual, your kid may love or hate brushing! If getting your child invested in the process is a challenge, setting up musical cues, telling stories, and giving them flavor and brush options may help them see it as a treat.

Continuing Habits For Teens

With added independence and less supervision from adults, some kids may let their oral care habits slip. However once your child’s set of permanent, adult teeth have begun to come in, the habits you worked to help them form become doubly important. Teens may be undergoing treatment with braces, which can leave behind white spots on the teeth if proper care is not followed.

As adults, we may be paying for inadequate oral care that occurred in our youth. If you are seeking cosmetic treatments to perfect your smile such as whitening or Invisalign in Mundelein, IL, our office can help! Give us a call today to begin exploring your options.

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