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The Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth

If you grind your teeth, know that you are not alone. Teeth grinding is actually a fairly common problem among many people and as long as you act accordingly and get treatment, grinding your teeth shouldn’t be a huge problem. In fact, the only real problem with teeth grinding is not the grinding itself, as any family dentist in Mundelein will tell you, it’s the fact that so few people take action to prevent the negative effect of grinding their teeth.

But it’s not all on patients, because there are simply not enough dental professionals educating their patients on the dangers of grinding their teeth. Fortunately, as a family dentist in Mundelein, we’re here to fix that.

Tooth Damage from Teeth Grinding

A little bit of teeth grinding doesn’t cause much damage, but repeated every night or throughout the day, teeth grinding can take its toll. By grinding your teeth, you expose yourself to the possibility of damaged enamel, the layer of protective material on the outside of your tooth. This can result in the appearance of discoloration on your tooth.

While this discoloration doesn’t mean your tooth is going to crack, if left untreated, it can become a more complicated issue.

Other Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth

As a family dentist in Mundelein, we treat patients who have damaged their crowns or other restorations by grinding their teeth. Other common issues include tension headaches and severe jaw pain. Most patients don’t know it until we tell them, but these are all caused by grinding your teeth.

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