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Why Do My Teeth Hurt In Cold Weather Conditions?

The bitterly cold temperatures that surround Chicago in February might also affect your teeth. If you’re dealing with particularly uncomfortable aches and pains in your teeth, then there might be an underlying cause that hasn’t been identified.

  1. Sinus Sensitivities –
    • Every person’s sinus has a different reaction to major pressure or weather changes. Some might face added pressure in their airways, ears, head, or neck. Because the sinuses surround the mouth, it’s possible for a person experiencing sinus pressure issues to also experience tooth pain.
  2. Gum Health –
    • It’s just as important to take care of your gums in addition to your teeth. Early stages of periodontal disease can be sensitivities to environmental changes and excessive bleeding during brushing. You should take note of when these sensitivities or events happen so you can bring them up during your next dental appointment.
  3. Tooth Decay –
    • Your tooth enamel not only helps protect them from decay, but also prevents them from feeling as sensitive to temperature changes in liquids, solids, or the environment. Experiencing pain around a specific tooth during a major weather change could be the sign of a loose crown, developing a cavity, or other dental problem that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.
  4. Underlying Health Conditions –

A woman wearing a long blue, gray, and white scarf, grasps her jaw in pain.

Cold Temperatures & Sensitive Teeth: What Can I Do For Relief?

The most important thing you can do if you believe cold weather is contributing to your toothaches and pains is to track it. Make a note of when your tooth pain occurs, what the current weather conditions are, and how long your pain lasts, so you can bring these notes to your dentist.

To alleviate tooth pain, it’s important to identify what is ultimately causing it if it’s not abundantly clear. For instance, if you’re facing tooth pain as a result of pressure changes in the Winter, then you need to work on finding a way to open up this system in your body through medications, nasal washes, or other means of sinus relief. Sensitivities and pain from the gum or enamel decay can sometimes be resolved through specialized toothpaste and being mindful about exposing your mouth to cold temperatures.

If you suspect you’re facing an underlying health condition or the early stages of a cavity, then you need to see your dentist for help. Once they’re able to examine your teeth at length, they should be able to offer you medication or dental services that can offer relief.

The Key To Preventing Tooth Sensitivity and Pain

Once you’ve got exposed dentin, or the layer of your teeth once protected by the enamel, it’s difficult to manage tooth sensitivity and pain. If you’re looking to prevent or delay them from becoming more sensitive here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you’re brushing and flossing every single day
  • Schedule a professional cleaning and oral health exam with your dental office every six months
  • Be mindful of your intake of extra sugary or acidic foods and beverages
  • Wrap an extra layer of clothing, like a scarf around your mouth to shield your teeth from blasts of cold air

Our Sensitive Tooth Care Services in Mundelein, IL

If you’re tired of trying to figure out what’s causing your teeth sensitivities during cold weather changes, then it’s time to make a dental appointment. Our staff at the North Suburban Dental clinic in Mundelein will thoroughly assess your smile to see if there is an underlying cause of your tooth pain.

Contact our team to secure your visit with us now.

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