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Will AI Replace Dentists Or Dental Services?

Dental technology is continuously evolving to improve the types and styles of treatments offered to patients. With artificial intelligence at the forefront of tech conversations right now, it’s fair to ask “What is artificial intelligence in dentistry and will it replace dentists?”

For businesses across the world, artificial intelligence has been viewed as a useful tool and cause for concern. In the medical and dental world, however, many see the evolution of AI as an overwhelmingly positive tool that can assist professionals while they work.

Will artificial intelligence replace dentists in dentistry?

Organizations like the American Dental Association firmly believe that AI will not outright replace dentists, but help them instead. One report released by the ADA in February discusses the potential AI has in aiding diagnostics, cosmetic treatment plans, and orthodontics.

How Does AI Currently Help Dentists In 2023?

Since February of this year, artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of discussion among journalists and businesses around the globe. Initial predictions about the growth of artificial intelligence and its ability to adapt have rapidly surpassed previous expectations. With the rapid development of programs like ChatGPT 4 last month, many medical professionals have had ultimately two concrete reactions: concern over job security and intrigue about how this learning algorithm could assist them at work.

Before the craze over ChatGPT this year, artificial intelligence had already been helping those in the dental field for the last several years. Dental X-rays, orthodontic molds, and other services requiring enhancing dental imaging have seen promising results with the use of artificial intelligence.

What Will AI Look Like In The Future For Dentists?

One of the key areas of artificial intelligence that experts are excited about with AI in Dentistry, involves diagnostic testing and treatment mapping for major problems. From addressing periodontal disease to preventing the spread of oral cancer, researchers and dentists alike are thrilled by the promising results of artificial intelligence and diagnostic accuracy.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence will not outright replace human dentists, but it will drastically speed up the amount of time it would take to identify an underlying oral health problem, provide a dental diagnosis, and weigh out the best possible dental care options to treat your problem.

Dentists can get a real-time second opinion during AI diagnostic dental testing and treatment for their patients.

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