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Caring for Your Dental Implants in Mundelein

While you may think about your dental implants differently than your natural teeth, the care required to maintain your oral health remains the same. Many people falsely believe that if they have implants, they don’t have to worry about their dental hygiene routine as much as when they had natural teeth.

Dental Implants in Mundelein

Implants are a state-of-the-art option to replace failing teeth – but they’re not cheap. That is one reason you will want to properly care for them. Another important reason to continue with your normal oral hygiene routine is to maintain your oral health so your smile will last a lifetime – no matter if your teeth are natural or implants.

Just as you did prior to having implants, you should brush your teeth at least twice daily with a soft-bristled brush. Avoid hard-bristled brushes to ensure you don’t damage your implants. This advice holds true for natural teeth as well. Flossing is as important as it ever was to remove particles of food from between your teeth. Any buildup of debris can irritate your gums leading to gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease).

Schedule Regular Professional Teeth Cleanings

VVisiting your cosmetic dentist in Mundelein, IL for regular teeth cleanings will ensure the debris and film that can form is removed properly to avoid bacterial buildup. If you end up with food particles between your teeth, this can become a source of food for harmful bacteria which can begin to set up housekeeping just below the gumline.

This can irritate your sensitive gum tissue, progressing to gum disease and eventually to bone loss. Since your jawbone supports your implants just as it does natural teeth, gum disease can lead to implant failure.

Cosmetics and Aesthetics

In addition to the practical reasons to take great care of your implants, you will want to make sure they stay beautiful too. Afterall, isn’t that why you went through the process of getting implants in the first place? White teeth are associated with youth and confidence – and caring for your implants will allow you to enjoy the aesthetic benefit of showing off your whitest and brightest smile.

Cosmetics and Aesthetics

Another aspect of implant care to consider is what products should be used on them. While continuing your at-home oral hygiene routine is important, visiting your dentist for professional cleaning and whitening treatments is equally important.

Your dentist has the proper tools to clean your implants without causing damage. Additionally, the products used during a professional cleaning or whitening treatment are safe to use and will prolong the life of your implants. Using at-home bleaching products or abrasive cleaners could end up staining or marring your implants.

Take Care of Your Investment

As we stated earlier, and as you already know, dental implants are pricey. They should be looked upon as an investment in your health, your appearance, and your confidence. They should also be cared for as you would any other investment to ensure you get your money’s worth. That means maintaining a good at-home oral hygiene routine, scheduling regular dental visits that include a thorough examination, and having any small problems fixed before they turn into big ones.

When you visit your dental professional for your teeth cleaning and examination on a regular basis, you are taking the necessary steps to maintain a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. For more information about cosmetic dental procedures or caring for your dental implants, reach out to our friendly staff at North Suburban Dental. We are always happy to help you schedule your appointment and answer any questions you may have.

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