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Dental Tips For The New Academic Year

The start of the new school year is just around the corner. Learn how to set your child up for dental success this year by following these tips from our dental clinic in Highland Park. We are excited to help keep your child’s teeth healthy because we all know a healthy mouth leads to a happy child!

Schedule a Check-Up

Every child should visit the dentist bi-yearly to keep up-to-date with your cleanings. Start their school year off right by scheduling an appointment at the beginning of September. This helps you remember to continue scheduling appointments as your child starts and ends a school year.

Make a Dental Hygiene Routine

Sometimes brushing and flossing are forgotten when your kids are trying to make the early morning school bus. Be sure to establish a dental hygiene routine for your children so they brush twice a day no matter what. Wake them up 10 minutes earlier to ensure they have time for two minutes of brushing. You can even make this routine fun by playing music or creating a sticker chart for brushing and flossing.

Know How to Handle Emergencies

Every once in a while your child’s tooth is knocked loose, chipped or decayed. Dental emergencies are painful and can make it difficult for your child to focus in school when not resolved quickly. If this happens, contact our dental clinic in highland park and schedule the next available appointment.

Back the Right Snacks

Try to steer clear of sugary snacks or snacks that contain simple starches including chips and crackers. Instead, choose the healthier snacks by packing lunch boxes with nuts, celery or cheese sticks to keep your child’s oral health in tip-top shape.

Good luck with the new school year, and we look forward to seeing you for your next dentist appointment!

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