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What Does A Dental Checkup Consist Of?

We all know that seeing our dentist near Mundelein twice a year is essential to keeping our oral health in the best shape possible. However, do you know what actually takes place during your dental exam? We want to inform you of what happens when you come in for a routine checkup to avoid any surprises. Stay well-informed about the status of your teeth and gums with North Suburban Dental.



You’ll head over to our front desk to get checked in. Depending on if this is your first time visiting, we may ask you to fill out a few forms so we can get to know you and your teeth better.


Hygienist One-On-One

Your dental hygienist will conduct an oral exam of your gums and document any changes in your overall health and medicine use since we’ve last seen you. We will clean and polish your teeth and talk to you about your teeth and gum care. We may ask questions about what type of toothbrush you use and if you’ve been flossing daily. Feel free to ask your hygienist or dentist any questions that come to mind during the cleaning to avoid any confusion about treatments or dental procedures to be followed at home. 


Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

We thoroughly clean your teeth and remove any hardened plaque that may have built up on your teeth since your last visit. After we have cleaned your teeth and gum line, we polish each individual tooth to remove extra plaque and stains on the tooth’s surface. The polish is an abrasive substance that is applied with a small rotating rubber brush. 



Your hygienist and dentist will give you additional instructions to continue your dental care at home based on how your exam went. It’s possible we may want to take x-rays if you have not gotten them in a while or if you have any cavities. 


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To keep your mouth as healthy as possible, our caring dental team strongly recommends routine dental cleanings. As your dentist serving Mundelein, we can assure you that our dental hygienist will perform thorough and professional teeth cleanings, so contact us today to book your bi-yearly appointment.

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